Voxx Life Replenishing Care
Voxx Life Replenishing Care

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The value of improved neurological function is self-evident to every human endeavour. Voxxlife HPT's capacity to elevate and utilize the innate capacity of the Neurological System to heal and repair has been demonstrated across many theatres, including but not limited to:

  • Wellness - illness prevention, anti-aging, and systemic improvement.

Click here for the results of a clinical study: Effect of Dermatome Neuropoint Activating Socks on Painful Diabetic Neuropathy in Feet.
By: Dr. Stephen Taylor, Jason Devos

  • Workplace - injury prevention, reduced "lost days". A 30% increase in lateral stability, dynamic stability, and balance correlates to an individual being 8x less likely to fall.

Click here for the results of a clinical study: Effect of Dermatome Neuropoint Activating Socks on Overall Balance and Stability Using the SWAY Medical Application.
By: M. S. Dhaliwal, MSc PT, Dayan Henson

  • Sports and Life - perform activities better and enjoy life more. Voxxlife HPT is shown to increase energy, raise endurance and reduce pain all of which help provide the confidence to enjoy activities (even strenuous ones). One of our favorite examples is presented in this video featuring NHL Hall of Famer, and LA Kings President, Luc Robitaille >sharing his experiences/successes with HPT technology in an UNPAID endorsement.

In addition to Luc Robitaille's comments, there are 46000+ unpaid Voxxlife testimonials on a dedicated Facebook page that speak to Voxxlife's impact of the lives of people. For a complete summary of HPT benefits and performance metrics click here. .


Replenishing Care’s mission is to help people become as healthy as they possibly can be by matching the best tools available to each person’s health circumstance, goals and needs.

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Replenishing Care does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition. Our services promote ascending fitness and personal best performance; results vary. Readers and users alike are advised to use the information presented under the guidance of their Family Doctor and/or other Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals they rely upon. Voxxlife by Replenishing Care is a division of Replenishing Care Corporation www.replenishingcare.com

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